Cake Smash with Stella

Last weekend I had the lovely experience of capturing beautiful Stella's one year birthday celebration with a cake smash. The summer heat did not stop us as we met up bright and early for the fun to take place next to the pool. The light was beautiful, the sun was peaking through, and the temperature was actually very pleasant. The fun had actually started the day before as Stella's mum and nanny spent the day making a gorgeous rainbow layered cake, covered in violet and yellow icing. I wasn't there to capture the baking but the cake turned out amazing! I had a little play with Stella and her brother Berti as we headed down to the pool! Before getting our hands nice and dirty I captured some

A little bit more about me - A love for art

Although I never went to university, I did have plans to go and study fine art at some point in my life. Little did I know how much my travels around the world, would serve as an artistic education. Walking through the streets of Chelsea in New York, passing Le Louvre daily as I raced to castings during Paris fashion week, admiring Gaudi's Sagrada Familia so often as I walked to my mother agency every week. Every day, my eyes were opened to the beauty and magic in art. I find myself at just the beginning of my journey in Art. In all honesty I have struggled to create pieces in a very long while (over two years) but I feel some exciting things brewing in my little artistic brain. Whether they

Pre and Post Natal Yoga

Since starting my career in Newborn and Lifestyle photography I have been very lucky to connect very genuinely with the many mothers and mothers to be that have been so important in my shoots. What I found ever so special was how all of these amazing women craved movement through and after their pregnancy. However the safety of their baby always came first and they were not informed of how helpful yoga could be in not only preparing a mother for birth, but also in creating strength and balance, once the baby was born. As someone who loves yoga and practices it four to five times a week I really wanted to look into how I could help these mothers, not only on a physical level, but also mentall

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