Photographing Flowers

As much as I love capturing photos of emotion through the newborn, lifestyle and wedding photography I do, I have found a lot of joy in taking photos of flowers too. Although they don't have a personality - show any emotion - or wiggle around as I am trying to capture them - I think they are absolutely beautiful. I am after all a woman and can not deny that I love getting a cute little rose or dainty bouquet! However the moment I put flowers in front of my wee Nikon camera, I see a whole new intricacy and beauty. From the way the petals so elegantly interlace, to the pollen that awaits a visit from a bee, to the thorns that contrast the softness of each petal, there is so much to capture. I

An Untouched Path - Our Newborns

I find it pretty amazing - the number and variety of people we encounter as we walk our paths. Not only do we "meet" these individuals, but thanks to social media - we are able to see the adventures they are on as the years go by. From my classmates in Dubai who have ventured out all over the world in the pursuit of their studies and career. To those I met in the modeling world - who are now volunteers, celebrities, mothers, entrepreneurs, students - the list goes on. As with meeting so many people, I have also had to say goodbye to a few who have passed away. Their path had to come to an end. With every hello there comes a goodbye and so is life. The past few days I have come to realise how

When it all comes together - Teaching Prenatal Yoga

As written about in a previous blog post, I became qualified to teach prenatal yoga a little while back. I will be honest in saying how daunting it was to start teaching prenatal - to work with mothers to be - and to feel confident in the safety and benefits of what I was teaching - as lets be real - not a lot of teachers are too keen on the thought that there is a chance that one of their students may fall into labour in class one day. Needless to say I made it through those beginning shaky moments - no waters have broken yet in my class - and have come to a whole new appreciation of what I am doing. I may or may not have gone completely blank for a few moments in a class once - I was told

I didn't go to Uni

We say that we learn every single day - but I remember a time when I was 17 where that concept didn't quite resonate with me yet - just having graduated from high school - I knew I wasn't ready to go to University. At that time the seed started to grow in my head about pursuing a modeling career so Uni was definitely not on my mind. I did however wonder very often if I was missing out on learning - on using my brain. The stereotypical idea I had in my mind about modeling was a career of stepping one foot in front of the other down the catwalk or "smizing" in front of the camera. Little did I know how much I would learn over the next 8 years of traveling and exploring, facing rejection, succe

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