My First Oil Painting

Super excited to write about my first oil painting! It is amazing how an idea develops - especially when you leave a piece alone for half a year at a studio and then make your way back to your paint palette with a fresh mind. I started this piece last November - however in beginning a new career I wasn't able to attend classes again until a few weeks ago. I had never tried oil paints before as I used to have very sensitive skin and the turpentine aggravated it. My skin however has turned into elephant skin with time :) - hence the choice to get my hands dirty with oil paints finally!! I usually work with watercolours which are so much fun! I love the translucency of the medium and how swiftl

Body Awareness <3

I know I talk a lot about how awesome it is learn from everything around us in my blogs. Pardon my excitement!!! There are endless platforms in learning - from typing a search into google to jumping in to a movement class. Even the gothic streets of Barcelona have stories to tell, history to share, ideas to inspire. It is about having that openness and hunger to learn when you really realize how accessible it is to us. In saying that, learning is also ever so humbling. As a relatively new yoga teacher I have a certain style. I focus a lot on flow, alignment and on body awareness. Tuning in to the balance in our bodies and the equilibrium between both sides as we move with our own personal ve

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