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Photographing Twins

About two weeks ago I reached out to someone that I follow on Instagram who had just given birth to gorgeous twins. I had never taken photos of newborn twins and I hold the very special connection between them very close to my heart as my two younger brothers are identical twins.

I asked Isabelle if I could come over to her house to take some photos of her little boys Joseph and Joshua. Very kindly she said yes and I was ever so excited. Such a special moment seeing how calm the two boys were when we placed them side by side. It was inevitable that their connection was so pure after spending all those months together in the womb.

I must admit, I was quite nervous about holding or moving either of the boys into positions as they were premature and ever so fragile. However we did manage to capture some lovely moments with Joseph and Joshua in their element. Wide eyed and curious to every little thing that was around them.

In this post I share just a few of the photos, from the lovely collection I took of the boys. A very special morning spent with Isabelle in admiration of the love she had for the two new boys she brought into our world.

I cant wait to capture photos of another set of newborn twins. Hopefully in the very near future.

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