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Pre and Post Natal Yoga

Since starting my career in Newborn and Lifestyle photography I have been very lucky to connect very genuinely with the many mothers and mothers to be that have been so important in my shoots.

What I found ever so special was how all of these amazing women craved movement through and after their pregnancy. However the safety of their baby always came first and they were not informed of how helpful yoga could be in not only preparing a mother for birth, but also in creating strength and balance, once the baby was born.

As someone who loves yoga and practices it four to five times a week I really wanted to look into how I could help these mothers, not only on a physical level, but also mentally. How could yoga make their pregnancy more pleasant? How would they be able to gain that strength, balance and openness that is so important for their bodies. Their body is not only the home of their baby for those nine months of pregnancy, but it is also their own home, and being kind and caring towards it is essential.

After tonnes of research, I packed my wee bags and ventured off to Bali to complete an intensive course in pre and post natal yoga, which in turn gave me the certification to teach prenatal yoga upon returning to Dubai.

Wow what an amazing experience! I learnt ever so much about women, our bodies and the journey of pregnancy leading to birth. I have now been gifted with the opportunity to share the knowledge I was given to those I teach. When we talk about finding satisfaction in ones career, I can definitely support that. I feel so much gratitude each and every time I step into the studio to teach and share.

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