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A little bit more about me - A love for art

Although I never went to university, I did have plans to go and study fine art at some point in my life. Little did I know how much my travels around the world, would serve as an artistic education. Walking through the streets of Chelsea in New York, passing Le Louvre daily as I raced to castings during Paris fashion week, admiring Gaudi's Sagrada Familia so often as I walked to my mother agency every week. Every day, my eyes were opened to the beauty and magic in art.

I find myself at just the beginning of my journey in Art. In all honesty I have struggled to create pieces in a very long while (over two years) but I feel some exciting things brewing in my little artistic brain. Whether they will be realised or not - I am sure I will share on this blog. Regardless of not being able to create much at this point in my life - I continue to learn and be inspired each and everyday by the art around me. Particularly in nature's art at the moment - roots - leaves - the waves - flowers - animals - the clouds - I find so much gratitude in what I am able to see by just stepping out into the wild.

Even just writing this blog post fires up the neurotransmitters in the left hemisphere of my brain - Stay tuned as I do have faith that I will be creating very soon.

Laura x

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