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I didn't go to Uni


We say that we learn every single day - but I remember a time when I was 17 where that concept didn't quite resonate with me yet - just having graduated from high school - I knew I wasn't ready to go to University. At that time the seed started to grow in my head about pursuing a modeling career so Uni was definitely not on my mind.

I did however wonder very often if I was missing out on learning - on using my brain. The stereotypical idea I had in my mind about modeling was a career of stepping one foot in front of the other down the catwalk or "smizing" in front of the camera.

Little did I know how much I would learn over the next 8 years of traveling and exploring, facing rejection, success, love and heartbreak, money matters, the list goes on. The big wide world taught me so much and I will forever be grateful.

It was not the learning that I craved over those 8 years - It was the concept of being taught and mentored. I missed reading, listening, memorising, and practicing - receiving new, interesting and somewhat tangible information - slightly different to life lessons I kept on diving head first into.

The desire for a different kind of learning brought me to this current day.

Through pursuing photography I find myself signing up to endless courses and loving each and every one of them. After each shoot I take a look back at myself and look into the things that didn't go so well. What can I do to improve? Who can teach me how to do a better job?

With yoga as well I find so much joy in taking courses, classes, really listening to the teachers and tuning in to how I can use their information to better my practice. I foresee myself doing these courses and training for life.

I have also made my way back into an art studio mentored by an amazing teacher - Jivan - who shares his knowledge, techniques and creativity - inspiring me daily.

I find myself attributing this hunger for information, improvement and inspiration to the 8 years that I spent traveling - allowing life to be my teacher which in turn opened my mind and eyes to how much there is out there to learn and grow from - and most exciting of all to share all this knowledge with others.

"The capacity to learn is a gift;

The ability to learn is a skill;

The willingness to learn is a choice"

- Brian Herbert

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