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When it all comes together - Teaching Prenatal Yoga

As written about in a previous blog post, I became qualified to teach prenatal yoga a little while back. I will be honest in saying how daunting it was to start teaching prenatal - to work with mothers to be - and to feel confident in the safety and benefits of what I was teaching - as lets be real - not a lot of teachers are too keen on the thought that there is a chance that one of their students may fall into labour in class one day.

Needless to say I made it through those beginning shaky moments - no waters have broken yet in my class - and have come to a whole new appreciation of what I am doing.

I may or may not have gone completely blank for a few moments in a class once - I was told by students on one particular day that I wasn't teaching correctly - I taught a student who was 10 days over due - These little experiences have all taught me lessons and have allowed me to question and push myself to teach better. To learn more. To share more with my students.

I have started to see regular students attend my classes now which gives me that unique opportunity to observe not only their bodies change as their babies develop - but I also get to see their energetic glow as they approach motherhood.

The smiles and giggles that are shared between students - the breath work as they flow through the asanas - as well as the energy exchange within class - make me appreciate that special gift that I have been given to teach and to work with these ladies. Each and everyone of them on their own path to motherhood.

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