• Laura McCone

An Untouched Path - Our Newborns

I find it pretty amazing - the number and variety of people we encounter as we walk our paths. Not only do we "meet" these individuals, but thanks to social media - we are able to see the adventures they are on as the years go by.

From my classmates in Dubai who have ventured out all over the world in the pursuit of their studies and career. To those I met in the modeling world - who are now volunteers, celebrities, mothers, entrepreneurs, students - the list goes on.

As with meeting so many people, I have also had to say goodbye to a few who have passed away. Their path had to come to an end. With every hello there comes a goodbye and so is life.

The past few days I have come to realise how amazing it is that I get to photograph newborns. To meet these teeny tiny little humans who have a beautiful untouched path in front of them. No one is to know where their little footsteps will take them - How their characters will develop - What their passions will be - Who they will fall in love with.

To be part of their first moments in life is a privilege and I have come to acknowledge how important it is to document these moments through my career.

I have started to print a single image from each of my newborn shoots to document in a journal - to eventually look over in years to come and observe how these little ones have grown into not so little human beings. To observe the impact they make on our world. From just a smile to a scientific discovery. Who knows.

A privilege that I am very grateful for.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Lao Tzu

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