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Photographing Flowers

As much as I love capturing photos of emotion through the newborn, lifestyle and wedding photography I do, I have found a lot of joy in taking photos of flowers too. Although they don't have a personality - show any emotion - or wiggle around as I am trying to capture them - I think they are absolutely beautiful.

I am after all a woman and can not deny that I love getting a cute little rose or dainty bouquet! However the moment I put flowers in front of my wee Nikon camera, I see a whole new intricacy and beauty. From the way the petals so elegantly interlace, to the pollen that awaits a visit from a bee, to the thorns that contrast the softness of each petal, there is so much to capture.

I do love using my 50mm 1.8 lens when taking photos of bouquets as I really enjoy playing with the depth of field and angle of view as I get close and friendly with each flower. However a couple of the shots have been taken with my zoom lens -

playing with natural light and interesting composition also renders some cool final images.

A little side project is definitely underway as I envision capturing a whole range of flowers through my career and travels.

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