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Body Awareness <3

I know I talk a lot about how awesome it is learn from everything around us in my blogs. Pardon my excitement!!! There are endless platforms in learning - from typing a search into google to jumping in to a movement class. Even the gothic streets of Barcelona have stories to tell, history to share, ideas to inspire. It is about having that openness and hunger to learn when you really realize how accessible it is to us.

In saying that, learning is also ever so humbling. As a relatively new yoga teacher I have a certain style. I focus a lot on flow, alignment and on body awareness. Tuning in to the balance in our bodies and the equilibrium between both sides as we move with our own personal version of "grace" through each asana.

A few weeks ago I was schooled to say the least and learnt that I personally was not practicing what I preach. I have been struggling with knee issues for years now. The pain was bearable and had never stopped me from exercising completely so I never gave it much thought. I am also very scared of doctors so was never motivated to go and get it checked.

Finally the pain started to hinder my movement so I took myself to the Chiropractor. Basically I have a slight degree of scoliosis and because of this there is a misalignment through my body. The left side of my lower body basically shuts off as a protection and compensation mechanism.

In turn my knee takes the load which causes the pain. If I had practiced better awareness and worked on creating that equilibrium - both in strength and mobility - perhaps this pain wouldn't have gone on for so long.

Which brings me back to the point I made at the beginning of this post. Learning is everywhere and always there. As frustrating as it was having the knee issue - it took going through it to really understand how my body works and how important body awareness is. In understanding and practicing this - my teachings become more viable!

Most important of all though is I now understand how to work on fixing the problem without having to go through drastic measures (I was so worried that I would need surgery) ! With appropriate training along with proper rest and care - the pain should dissipate into that whimsical cloud of learning that I jabber on about in each post.

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