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My First Oil Painting

Super excited to write about my first oil painting! It is amazing how an idea develops - especially when you leave a piece alone for half a year at a studio and then make your way back to your paint palette with a fresh mind. I started this piece last November - however in beginning a new career I wasn't able to attend classes again until a few weeks ago.

I had never tried oil paints before as I used to have very sensitive skin and the turpentine aggravated it. My skin however has turned into elephant skin with time :) - hence the choice to get my hands dirty with oil paints finally!!

I usually work with watercolours which are so much fun! I love the translucency of the medium and how swiftly you are able to work with them!

Working with oils is a much slower process as you have to wait for the paint to dry - however the fact that you can work on such a large scale and really find depth in your painting as you create layer after layer is super interesting.

With an awesome teacher, Jivan, who is crazy talented, I knew I would have a lot of fun working with the new medium.

After the time away from the studio it felt amazing to start working on this painting again - developing the subject and giving her character. I have this common theme in my art work wherein I emphasise crazy hair and elegant necks - my two favourite elements in this piece. I also found a lot of joy in working on the figure's body - making it slightly surreal - very perky and curvy - leaving room for questions as I left her face blank (this was inspired by Amadeo Modigliani and his choice to leave the eyes of his subjects empty).

The background took a wee while as I didn't want to make the piece any more chaotic - the hair took that title ;) It started off a little more defined but with time I pulled away the deeper blue and made it more soft and subtle!

As for the hair - I was so cautious to start with! Jivan had to show me how it was done - finding freedom with the paint and allowing the careless strokes on the canvas speak for themselves. I think they do :) She is whacko and I love her! Such a joy to paint and super happy and proud of my first oil piece!

Now all I have to do is give it a title and sign it!! Easier said than done I must say!

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