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Exploring Old Town with a Gorgeous Family

Last weekend I had the lovely opportunity to capture moments with a gorgeous family who just welcomed their newest member, baby girl Mabel <3

The weather in Dubai has finally gotten cooler, which gave us the opportunity to head out into the neighbourhood.

Old Town Dubai has a beautiful feel to it with bougainvillea growing wild over the sandy walls while the features of traditional desert wind towers can be found in every little corner.

It is always super exciting to capture moments outdoors with toddlers as they play in their element with no regard for the camera. The little smiles and giggles as Henry raced around on his wee toes were priceless. Newborn Mabel was also in her element as she elegantly rested in mums arms as they played around in the courtyard.

And of course the expressions on Mum and Dads face were everything. The way Justin looked at Natasha as she held their newborn girl made my heart melt. Natasha's beaming smile as she watched her little boy with rosy cheeks race around looking for airplanes every chance he got.

The session didn't feel like work. It felt perfect.

A beautiful family who shared with me such precious moments. I do count my blessings for the job I have found.

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