• Laura McCone

What Cake?

I have fallen in love with shooting outdoors. Work doesn't feel like work when I get to take my camera to the park - meet gorgeous families and capture very honest moments.

Last weekend I was very fortunate to take photos of this little man for his first birthday. A cake smash session. I last took photos of Guy when he was 3 months old and he was such a pleasure to shoot as he giggled at the camera with his piercing blue eyes.

7 months later he has definitely turned into a gorgeous little boy - those blue eyes even more piercing and curious.

We chose to do the cake smash in Barsha Pond Park - such a lovely spot to take photos in. I loved working with the natural morning light as it fell through the trees above with a special softness.

It is amazing how some children are mesmerised by a cake placed in front of them as they dive face first into the icing. Guy on the other hand had little interest in the cake - he was mesmerised by his simple red ball and the company of his lovely parents. There was a smile across his face the whole morning as he played in the beautiful greenery.

Though we didn't get the typical cake smash shots - the emotions that were captured through the morning were honest. They told a story. A story true to Guy and his beautiful family.

Laura x

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