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Recently I have been spending a lot of time with a friend who has started her own jewelry line. This lady is a stunning woman with impeccable style. Getting to know her has taught me so much about the jewelry world and also about style and how to not only dress with style but also to style a photograph.

We spent several mornings together photographing her jewelry in the natural light - pairing certain pieces with garments from her very impressive closet. I would not have imagined that simple moments in the presence of friends, learning about their talents, would teach me so much in my field. It is inevitable though when two creative minds get together that an energy exchange occurs and we each learn from each other.

We played with composition - not only with the jewels and clothing but also with natural elements such as flower bouquets as well as the yummy breakfast spread that we enjoyed in the midst of our creativity.

I found that her pieces told a story. Coming from Russia and having worked for Cartier in the past as well as David Morris - her own designs and her personal love for style are so evident in her pieces.

Working with her has definitely taught me to appreciate the fine details in jewelry and has inspired me to photograph more of it. To capture the delicacy of the art form and in turn to portray the essence of the jewlery designer in a still frame.

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