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Studio Shenanigans

Updated: May 16, 2021

Last week I was very fortunate to do a studio shoot with some very cute models. I had a smile from ear to ear throughout the shoot as the little ones showed off their best poses.

We shot in a studio to capture moments with Pureborn's latest nappy designs for their upcoming campaign. I have been working with the eco friendly brand for a half a year now and was very excited to do this shoot. The simplicity of a white background made each smile, giggle and curiosity stand out.

I had to be fast behind the camera to keep the little ones in good spirits. It was my first time photographing babies in a studio. I most commonly shoot my subjects using only the natural light.

I have to say that I loved working with the artificial light and a clean white background. It simplified the shoot and placed all emphasis on the subjects and how genuine each moment with them was. Obviously I couldn't direct them or get them in to specific poses. I had to go with the flow and capture them exactly how they were.

They were perfect in every way. With their parents close by - each of the models were very giggly and inquisitive as I clicked the shutter and managed to photograph the gorgeous moments I share in the gallery above.

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