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I was very fortunate to take some time out this summer to travel to the States on a yoga teacher training. I chose to leave my camera at home in Dubai - to take some time away from work and focus my mind completely on the physical training I had signed up for. Little did I know how many incredible opportunities there were for me to take stunning photos to add to my portfolio.

I started my journey in Miami. The academy that I was training at was located in such an artsy, quirky neighbourhood called Wynwood. The wall art was so good! Literally have not seen anything like it! So much colour. So dynamic. So much raw talent! Definitely a spot to return to one day - hopefully sooner rather than later.

Having left my camera at home made me really appreciate what was in front of me. It made me question how I would frame each photo if I were to have my camera with me. It got my imagination going without actually having the means to compose the shot that I created in my head. Definitely a learning experience that humbled me but also grew my appreciation of my camera and how lucky I am to be able to make art of these moments that I get to witness.

I then took a spontaneous trip out to Utah. It was here that I truly missed my camera! The nature was so insanely inspiring that I almost didn't believe that my two feet were on the earth! Driving up the canyons and being witness to the beautiful trees that dressed each mountain, the sun that set so serenely every night, the reflection of the landscape in the lakes - I was in awe. As someone who grew up in the desert of Dubai, I am always so inspired when I see green - it is exotic to me. It is new, fresh, surreal! Appreciating it all with only my eyes developed my dream to photograph the stunning canyons of Utah one day in the near future with my camera. My Nikon D750! My home boy!

For now I share some of the photos I captured with my good old fashioned iphone!

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