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Exploring Old Dubai With Vandalye

Updated: May 16, 2021

I have four brothers, two of which are identical twins. Thomas and Lucas are part of a three piece band called Vandalye. I am literally a fan girl! The nutter who dances at their gigs like no body is watching.

They have opened for the likes of Elton John, Lionel Richie, Snow Patrol and I even got the chance to photograph them performing at the Dubai Opera as they opened for Mocheeba. Wont hide the fact that I am a very proud big sister :)`

They boys recently asked me to photograph them as we ventured through old Dubai at sunrise. The light was incredible. A pink sky - the creek was pearly and the city had not yet woken so we had a calm scene to work with.

Thomas, Lucas and Scott are right characters - cracking average jokes at every occasion - picking on each other to bring out the most awkward of expressions - definitely brought a smile to my face that early in the morning. It was an opportunity for me to photograph artists - creatives - just raw in their element.

I try not to get my subjects to pose during shoots. I much prefer the relaxed, genuine moments. Plus trying to pose these boys would probably be the toughest task ever.

Very pleased with how the shoot went and happy to see them use the images as they share their talent :) Check them out on instagram @vandalye and check out their latest music video -

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