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The Beauty in Movement

Updated: May 16, 2021

Without question one of my favourite shoots to date was photographing the beautiful dancers of Sharmila's Dance Company. Sharmila was my dance teacher growing up. Such an incredible and talented woman who has clearly inspired the beautiful women in the gallery above.

As I always share - I am so passionate about graceful movement. I have always loved dance - I danced growing up and even chose it as the theme for my IB Art way back in the day. Alignment is so important to me as well - I think it comes from my yoga teaching too which is why Sharmila approached me for these shots as I believe she knew I would make sure to capture her dancers in perfect form and the right alignment. I also had the privilege to photograph Sharmila herself earlier in the year for Lulu Lemon and the release of their new dance line.

Combining my love for photography with my love for dance obviously had me in heaven! I scouted a really cool spot in Dubai - the twisted bridge on the Canal. It was a very foggy morning which had me a bit on edge however the fog worked in our favour and the shots came out so much stronger than I ever expected.

Photographing movement whether it be dance, yoga, running, jujitsu or snowboarding is definitely something I wish to push as it really does combine two things I love. I had that moment at the shoot where I stopped briefly and realised this is what Im here to do. To capture these moments. To capture art. A still frame in movement.

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