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Enriching Environments

Updated: May 16, 2021

I am very excited to share some of the images from a shoot I did a few months ago for the lovely Charlotte - the founder of "Enriching Environments" in Dubai.

I remember having my first phone conversation with Charlotte as she shared more about Enriching Environments and what it was all about.

"All our babies and children really need is an environment in which they can unfold; a place in which they can explore, follow their interests, and develop into capable human beings.”

I was asked to photograph on three different days wherein I was welcomed into three different spaces that all embodied the same peaceful, serene and open feel. A place that allowed the children to explore, to experience, to unfold at their own pace.

I did my best to be almost invisible in order to capture these very special moments as the children were so pure, so real in their action and emotions. I felt very grateful to be there and found so much ease and inspiration in photographing this project.

Below I share a little exerpt from Charlottes website as well as a link if you would like to learn a little more about Enriching Environments and everything that it is about <3

"Enriching Environments creates inspiring spaces for children that make our hearts sing. An Enriching Environment is one that offers our children a simple, ordered and beautiful space that allows them to unfold at their own pace.

We connect like-minded families who seek a simple, holistic way of life for their children, and for their families. We aim to inspire and guide them with a way of preparing their homes and thus raising their children in a way that feels joyful and empowering.

Enriching Environments inspires spaces for children that nourish their heart, soul and mind. The child is an active, not a passive participant in their environment. This approach is based on allowing the child to experience the wonder and beauty of the world around them from a simple, beautiful and ordered environment. This approach calls for our presence, self awareness and a strong sense of playfulness.

When first stepping into an Enriching Environment you immediately notice that something is different; there is a serenity and peace that seems at odds with our image of early childhood. The environment seems to meet the child where they are; everything they need is at their fingertips and the purposeful work available to them allows them to grow into capable human beings with their own intrinsic sense of self."

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