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Moments at Sunset - A Maternity Shoot

Updated: May 16, 2021

A few weeks ago I photographed one of my student's turned very close friends - Emily - along side her lovely husband. We started our shoot in their home - photographing special moments as they giggled together and shared stories about how they met in college. Nutella filled donuts and cups of tea played a very important role in the prop collection for the shoot. A very relaxed setting gave room for me to capture real and very honest moments.

As sun set was nearing we ventured out to the desert by Al Qudra (the delicious donuts definitely made their way into the car). When we arrived at our pin location I was reminded of how stunning the desert was especially as the beautiful gold light set on the rolling dunes.

Moments were captured as the couple explored the dunes and I clicked away playing with the sun flare that kept on peaking through their silhouettes. The ever so soft light that made an appearance just before the sun completely set was so beautiful in photographing the last few moments of the day. Emily and Julius were nestled in each others arm, a beautiful breeze across their faces and the excitement of them bringing a baby girl into the world was such an honour to capture.

Stay tuned for the newborn photos we took together. Coming very soon <3

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