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Lulu Lemon Run Club

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Last week I photographed an awesome group of athletes for one of my all time favourite brands - Lululemon.

We met up at 7am just behind sunset mall to photograph the team in action for Lululemon's newly launched run club.

I honestly had the best time. As someone who loves movement - whether it be yoga, running, dancing, boxing - this shoot had me very excited to click away.

Zoe, Heidi, Alejandro and Rob all arrived with smiles on their faces, their shoelaces tied and such a cool contagious energy. We started on the running track at the beach, with the sea as one of our back drops and on the other side, gorgeous green palm trees.

Im not one to get people posing, I prefer for them to do their thing as I click away and capture those candid moments. I did however get them doing a couple of sprints and fancy jumps.

Once we had those shots we ventured over to the twisted bridge at Dubai canal. One of the coolest and most dynamic backdrops for photographs. The morning light was perfect and again the team did their thing as I photographed. They were very warm by this point so they even pulled out some fancy tricks of their own for me to capture.

What a great morning - I left very inspired to start properly running again too which is very exciting!

You can see more of our shots on Lululemon ME 's instagram page @lululemonme

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