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A little story told

I was asked by a very close friend of mine, Nicole, whether I would be free and up to photograph her and her family for mothers day that was coming up at the time. Nicole is the aunt of the gorgeous Louie, who I can confidently say stole the show at the shoot with his stunning and contagious smile.

It had been a wee while since doing a family lifestyle shoot but felt so natural and fun once I got to their home. In lifestyle shoots I literally just find myself capturing untouched moments. Kids will do their thing - and boy do they do some fun, quirky and random things. I find that I hardly have to direct, I literally just make sure everyone is comfortable with me and then I just click away.

I was also very lucky to be graced with the gorgeous golden light that afternoon, filling both the inside of their open home as well as their back garden. And of course the presence of their awesome dog put a big smile on my face.

As we come in to the colder months in Marlborough, I look very forward to doing more of these home style family shoots - telling just a part of a story of a family and their lives at home.

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