• Laura McCone

Baby Olive

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

I was contacted by AJ a few weeks before she was due to have her baby girl. We pencilled in a day that was open to changing if little one decided to come earlier or later. We didn't have to change our shoot day in the end as baby Olive arrived on her due date. What a beautiful and delicate little newborn, born to two lovely parents, AJ and Jake.

Olive was 10 days old when I arrived for our shoot together. It was a moody, rainy day which brought a very soft and cosy feel to the shoot. Olive loved being in her parents arms but was also so receptive to the clicking noise of the camera shutter that we got some lovely solo shots of her too.

From her peaceful little sleepy face, to the tiniest wee toes, I share just a few of the final images from the shoot.

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