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Greta & Brayden - Rarangi Beach

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Living in Marlborough, you can't quite be sure what the weather will be like in Autumn. The day can start quite overcast and gloomy but come the afternoon, you are walking around in a t-shirt and flip flops. On this occasion, the clouds decided to stay for the day as Greta, Brayden and I chose to venture to Rarangi beach for their maternity shoot.

Greta is a friend of mine, so I was very excited when she asked me to photograph her. I am never too bothered when the weather is overcast, I find the light to actually be so stunning and soft on the subjects I photograph. There is something about the moody feel, especially at the beach, that I find to be so intriguing. To add to it, Rarangi has a few little hidden corners for some more arty/quirky shots.

I also loved capturing those very honest and natural moments between Greta and Brayden as they had a wee giggle between each other. The moments in between the more directed shots was where the magic happened.

Since then Greta and Brayden have welcomed their little girl Ava in to the world. I can't wait to share the photos we photographed of the three of them together.

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