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Hello Alfie

I'm very excited to share a shoot I did with the beautiful Carly and Julia as they welcomed their baby boy Alfie in to the world.

I photographed Carly and Julia for their maternity session at Rarangi beach a few weeks before with their gorgeous pups. We also made it over to monkey bay - a little hidden beach just a five minute walk from Rarangi that had a wee cave, and some really cool rocky backdrops.

For this shoot I was welcomed in to their cosy home to photograph newborn Alfie. The pups were there too and very eager to get in on the camera action again. I took my time in capturing Carly and Julia in their element with their baby boy in their arms. I always get emotional witnessing the love, care and adoration that takes over the room in shoots like these.

Once again, I feel like the photos tell the story more than my words so I do hope you enjoy.

Laura x

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