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My little camera

This January, I moved over to New Zealand after 28 years in Dubai. I applied to art school last year and was excited to get in to Massey University in Wellington. The move itself took quite a bit out of me - saying goodbye is never easy - but transitions always bring new light, new eyes to look through - a new perspective.

I got a new camera for my birthday - a small little one - and unlike my d750 this camera fits into my handbag as I take it around everywhere I go. As much as its not as proficient as my dslr it does give me a creative flair - when I see a moment - unusual as it may be - I am able to capture it wherever I am. The digital nature of it gives me the ability to experiment a lot - while the limits in its functions make me work harder in effectively capturing what it is I see.

Even though I am from New Zealand by decent, the land itself feels very foreign and exotic to me and any nature I find myself amongst has me in awe. The colours that change through the day with the rising and setting sun are almost surreal. The blue of the water - green of the trees, vibrance in each flower - I verge on obsessed when I am amidst it all.

Having my little camera on me all the time is a little gem in capturing some of these frames - these moments I cherish. I do know I'll look back on these photos in time to come and appreciate how childlike and fascinated I was to be in this new place.

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