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Photographing Baby Aya - The Courtyard Dubai

Baby Photography Newborn Lifestyle Dubai

I have been spending a lot of time at "The Courtyard - Dubai" lately. What a beautiful creative spot! The moment you step inside the quaint space, you feel like you have stepped into a peaceful little oasis as the hustle and bustle of Dubai seems to dissipate. The courtyard has been around since I was a little girl and it brings so much joy to see how it has kept its character.

This week I was very fortunate to take photos of beautiful Aya. I captured Aya when she

Baby Photography Newborn Lifestyle Dubai

was a newborn, just a few weeks old. Her mum and Dad, Julie and Rooman, own "The Movement" - a bike shop in the courtyard filled with some of the coolest Urban bikes I've ever seen. Ive got dibs on one!

And so it is safe to say that I was very excited to take photos of Aya at the Movement about a month after our newborn session. The smile that swept over Aya's face as her mum held her warmly in her arms through the afternoon was beautiful to capture.

Baby Photography Newborn Lifestyle Dubai

This is what brings me the greatest joy in being a photographer. Taking a still frame of a moment, a memory, that will last a lifetime.

- Laura McCone, May 17 - Dubai, UAE

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