• Laura McCone


Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Chelsea was a student of mine at the Wellness Station, where I taught prenatal pilates and yoga. The two of us would giggle as I explained which exercises she had to do but would never do them myself - I definitely should have. I needed them. Seeing her each week for class was so special as we both shared our journey to becoming a mother. I was just five weeks ahead of her in my pregnancy, we had the same midwife and we seemed to be quite similar in how we were feeling through it.

Chelsea and her partner Nick welcomed their gorgeous baby girl Summer to the world and I felt very honoured that they asked me to photograph for them. I assumed that the endless amount of squats I made Chelsea do through her pregnancy would have put her off choosing me to photograph for her haha but they didn't. It was lovely to get to know Nick as well.

Again we were graced with the beautiful and soft morning light as Chelsea and Nick shared their joy in being parents. We managed to get a few giggles in, lots of cuddles, and even a little smile from baby Summer. I hope you enjoy a preview of the collection x

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