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Cake Smash with Stella

Last weekend I had the lovely experience of capturing beautiful Stella's one year birthday celebration with a cake smash. The summer heat did not stop us as we met up bright and early for the fun to take place next to the pool. The light was beautiful, the sun was peaking through, and the temperature was actually very pleasant.

The fun had actually started the day before as Stella's mum and nanny spent the day making a gorgeous rainbow layered cake, covered in violet and yellow icing. I wasn't there to capture the baking but the cake turned out amazing!

I had a little play with Stella and her brother Berti as we headed down to the pool! Before getting our hands nice and dirty I captured some photos of Stella with her ever so loving family. Many smiles, giggles and lovingness set the tone for our photo session together.

Stella was ever so cute when we set the cake in front of her. Very elegantly scooping little bits of icing into her mouth before Berti came onto set to show her how a cake smash was really done. Head first into the cake - there was no turning back. Stella followed in her brothers footsteps and before we knew it everyone was covered in icing and rainbow cake with gorgeous smiles across our faces.

I had such a lovely experience meeting Stella and her family and capturing such precious moments. Every smile, giggle, kiss and hug was so genuine and honest. I cannot wait for the next cake smash I get to capture.

Thank you to Stella and her lovely family for sharing these moments with me!

Laura x

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