• Laura McCone

Capturing An Art

With all thats gone on in 2020 - I've found myself taken aback. So much has changed. A different world.

The last months have most definitely been challenging in ways I hadn't ever imagined - however with the challenge has come transformation. A different perspective. The simplicities in each day have become so much more valuable.

I feel that lockdown gave us the chance to take a breath and give time and attention to simple things that really make our heart smile. Things that we cant quite explain, but being in pursuit of them just feels right and inspiring. As a creative person it has been so special to see how so many have pursued their "art". Each in their own unique way. Whether it be cooking, pressing flowers, learning the guitar, connecting to nature, drawing, yoga and so much more - I find myself in awe.

It has inspired me to really pursue a journey in capturing people in their element - expressing their "art". If it is just one or two moments that I manage to photograph - I can imagine a body of work that will not only inspire and make me proud but will hopefully inspire others to pursue their own unique passion.

Above I share three photos that I was very lucky to take. I was on a shoot for an "on air" magazine. One of our chosen locations was in a little cafe in the "arty" neighbourhood of Dubai - Al Serkal. During our break, I popped to the counter to order a coffee and was completely mesmerised by the barista and the pure joy on his face as he essentially created art in a cup. He was in his flow. It felt so natural to click the shutter and save that moment, the emotion, the creativity and artistry in a still frame.

It's these moments that I want to continue photographing. I have no doubt that my path will cross many in their pursuit of their "art." Possibly a newly discovered creativity through this pandemic. What a joy it would be to create a body of work (perhaps even a book) that brings together and saves that intangible feeling of those moments.

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