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back to it - Newborn lifestyle shoot in Blenheim

Its been a wee while since I've posted on here. 2020 was definitely a year filled with its trials and tribulations. With that came a whole lot of time to think and reflect. Time that has really reminded me how lucky I am to have found such a rewarding career - one that captures those sweet sweet moments that can mean more to us than the tangible things we so often seek.

I wont lie in saying how nervous I was in putting myself out there as a photographer here in New Zealand. Dubai was the city where it all started and where "Blink" was born. I was so fortunate to have support and so many very special clients who picked me as their photographer. It was tough to say goodbye.

It definitely took me a few months of living in New Zealand to start to put myself out there as a photographer. I just wasn't sure if clients would feel for my style and work as they did in Dubai. I guess thats the beauty and fragility in being a creative - our work is who we are - so being booked does weigh a little heavier on our hearts than maybe it should.

In saying all that - I was lucky to be booked quite swiftly by one of my prenatal yoga students to do a newborn lifestyle session of her new baby boy and the family (gorgeous pup included). A set of grandparents were also present which was very special in capturing the three generations. The shoot felt very light and peaceful - giggles along the way. Abi had such a beautiful home to photograph in.

I will say that the time away from shooting made me approach this lifestyle session with a new set of eyes. I enjoyed framing shots in a little bit more of a quirky way. Playing with light also became quite an adventure. The most beautiful part of the shoot though was the joy I felt in capturing the family and their gorgeous interaction together as they shared the excitement of welcoming a new member to the family. Something that I had missed so much since moving away from Dubai.

Since then I have been pretty busy as "blink" has slowly made its way around town. I've been capturing many more of these very special moments which I look forward to posting on the blog. I will say there is a joy in sharing in words all the little adventures I have been getting up to behind my lens so this will happen a bit more often x

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